Kontakta oss

Woman with a headsetFöreningens adress:
Föreningen Nordsvenska Hästen
c/o  Annica Igemo, Tomasbo 102,
733 61 Västerfärnebo

Kontakta gärna oss på
telefon: 070 – 578 68 70
eller skriv till distriktets mail: fnhskane@gmail.com.

6 reaktioner på “Kontakta oss

  1. Hello

    Thank you for the quickly delivery to my office.
    When I saw the product. I immediately saw that something was wrong with it,
    and when I opened it, the product was unfortunately broken.
    I made a picture so that you can see what I have received. https://imgurgallery.com/3j7ekd8
    I am a regular customer, and I regularly order from your webshop.
    Hope we can solve this small problem in a professional way.

    Virgie Nail

    ”Sent from my iPhone”

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